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Core filled snacks bar auotmatic feeding and packing machine

1. Introduction

A、The products automatic entering system(1set)

The materials uniform will be poured into the automatic feeder, At the same time, according to the condition of material within the disc conveyor reasonable to disk in delivery.

This part with accurate, ensure delivery not plugging material, avoid artificial intervention, continuous.

BThe Round turntable sorting system(1set)

Automatic whole column machine also called disc conveyor, is the use of internal and external disk different speed rotation, and the effect of centrifugal force will be the product of one order delivery out.

CAutomatic sorting and feeding system(1 set)

Automatic feed part have buffer stock function, avoid packaging machine stop opening times. Automatic packaging machine with the speed and position to realize matching, guarantee into packaging machine products package position accuracy, speed corresponding. Product incoming quantity is insufficient to be automatic stop packing machine, continue to incoming automatically start packing machine from manual operation.

And this part of the conveyor for two section of conveyor belt, according to the specifications of the products, for the whole period of bedding material packing line increase storage material, pull distance effect, can greatly ensure production speed, and stability.

Automatic sorting function advantage: humanization design, the structure is simple, easy operation, health clean disinfection is convenient, no health corner; With automatic conveyor belt of function (free adjustment), conveyor belt can avoid tool fast dismantling.

DAutomatic Packing machine(1set)

The packing machine with high speed (DP320).

The packing machine with date printer,for easy operation, the packing with double paper support roll device.


AThe feeding and packing system convey plant, push block, or the parts directly touch with the food, all made of SS SUS304;

BThe feeding and packing system frame surface and driving parts, is Carbon steelNickelAL;

CThe convey belts are PU food level;

DThe feeding system photocell eyes is the Germany SICK brand;

EThe transducer is Germany Schneider brand;

FThe encoder is Japan OMRON brand.

3. Speed:  DP320 model 170-180bags/minute

                 DP500 model  250bags/minute