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Jinan Eagle DP35 Lab twin screw extruder

DP35 double screw testing inflating extruder is a new type of extruder adopts different kinds of extrusion theory and features,

fits for various techniques. When adjust the parameter in practice, and appears with figure, choose different screws to fit different

raw materials extruding demand, which settles the problem between teaching, researching theory and practice.

It supplies and economic experiment measure for teaching and research.

Main feature
▲Monopoly design, the first mini-type multifunction twin-screw inflating machine in China.
▲Widely used, according to different material and product character, use many screws/machine barrels of different length combination, fit for various material experiments.
▲Special distributor case and bearing, to improve the extruder performance.
▲Multipoint temperatuer control and pressure measure point.

▲Advanced touching screen, HML and help system, display a lot of real time parameters and record working status of each equipment.