Artificial Rice|Edible Drinking Pipe Machinery
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Jinan Eagle DP75 edible drinking pipe straws machine

Jinan Eagle edible drinking pipe straws machine 


Rice Drinking straws machine, corn straws machine, edible drinking pipe machine

1. Image  

2. Ingredients: rice, corn powder, and other cereals powder etc, mixed with water, without any additves

3. Flow chart: Mixing-extruding-cooling-cutting-drying-cooling-packing

4. Machines list

1) Mixer

2)Screw conveyor

3) Extruder

4) Pulling and cooling machine

5) Cutting machine

7) Elevator

8) Dryer

5. Specification

NameCapacityPower consumption
DPS100 single screw extruder100-125kg/h50kw
DP75 twin screw extruder200-300kg/h80kw