2D&3D Snack pellet production line
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Precooker type 2D|3D snack pellet machine

1. Ingredients: wheat flour, corn starch, cassava starch etc.

If only potato snack pellet type, single screw extruder without precooker can cook well for the snack pellet

2. Flow chart

Double layers 3D pellet  manufacuting line by the following machines:

Mixer, screw conveyor,  single screw extruder with precooker, hole pressing machine, cooler, sheeting machine, fines tumbler, dryer.

3. Capacity 100kg-400kg/h to choose. Contact us for more machines info and price.

4. Producing photos and videos

4.1 Square pipe and angle head type cutting  

                  Single screw extruder      Screw conveyor        Mixer                             Punching machine                                Sheeting machine


3D Pellets gallary