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Jinan Eagle high mositure extrusion machine with cooling mould for HMMA protein production

 Production line machines of Texturized Proteins

1. Machine image

2. Machines list

1. Mixer

2.Screw conveyor or vacuum conveyor

3. Extruder with water adding

4. Cooling die with cooling machine

5. Cutting machine

3. Introduction

Plant-based meat substitutes are products made from plants but manufactured to look like their meat equivalents. The ingredients such as soya and peas protiens.

The demand for these products is driven by consumers seeking to reduce their meat intake for personal health reasons, animal welfare concerns, and the desire to more environmental viability.

The primary plant-based protein products are TVP (Texturized Vegetable Proteins) and HMMA (High Moisture Meat Analogues). TVP products are dehydrated pellets, small flakes or chunks and must be enriched with water before further processing and consumption, while HMMA products contain moisture and have an equivalent texture to meat products.

Soy, pea, and wheat proteins are some of the most common ingredients for many plant-based meat analogues, but there is a wide range of other viable alternatives.

We offer standard recipes for TVP and HMMA utilizing a variety of different proteins

Technology plays a major role in the successful production plant-based proteins.  Jinan Eagle food machinery offre solutions and comprehensive process know-how for the production of high-quality plant-based meat analogues.

4. Specification

Model of extruderCapacity Power
DP35 Lab twin screw extruder10-20kg/h
DP65 twin screw extruder100kg/h 55kw
DP75 twin screw extruder within 250kg/h