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Traditional fermented bread crumbs machine

Key machines introduction

1. Electrode Baking Oven The principle of electrode baking oven is the Ohm's Law. Dough would be used as a conductor, and when being connected with electricity, it would become hot itself and then become bread. This baking method would bake the dough inside and outside at the same time. As a result, comparing with common baking oven, this machine has advantages as low energy consumption, no brown surface on the finished bread, etc. Since the electricity going across the dough in the same direction, the finished bread has very orderly fiber structure. The crumbs produced from such bread would be like needle, quite soft and can stick to the food better. It would have the delicious smell especially from the fermented food.

2. Crushing machine

This vertical grinder produced by Jinan Tiantai machinery factory is made up of three teams of knives with various shapes. The first team is 2 sets of flat knives, which would cut the bread into sheets; the second team is 8 sets of oblique knives spread equably on the main roller, and these knifes would cut the bread sheets into strips; the third team is 24 sets of denti-form knives, together with different screen stencil, needle crumbs is produced out.

This vertical grinder has many advantages, such as high efficiency, high rate of finished products, easy clean-up, etc.

Now the bread crumb have four different models.