Cereal bar mould pressing machine
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New model sweet cereals & peanuts bar mould type forming machine

New model cereals & nuts bar mould type forming machine

The new design is mainly for washing and cleaning.

Sweet Cereals & nuts bar mould forming machine image

1. Capacity  200kg/h

2. Ingredients: rice, corn, roasted penauts, and nuts which is ready to eat.

3. Flow chart :Cereals pop machine or cereals extruder machine to get the ready to eat cereals.

                   Peanuts roaster to get the crispy taste peanuts or other nuts roaster.

                  Sugar cooking machine to melt and cook the sugar to related temperature.

                  Mixing machine to mix the cereals/Nuts with cooked sugar and oil.

                  Then use mould forming machine or cutting machine to get the requested shapes and the size bar .

     Finally use the packing machine to the finished cereals&peanuts bars.

5. From extruder type cereals bar

6. From air pop machine type cereals bar