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Jinan eagle fish feed pet dog food processing line


Serially feed components move in the bunker of extruder and move in working body of extruder there with helping of shaking feeder.(screw feeder)
Cutoff plate is brought to working body of extruder which joins automatically after occurrence of a product from apertures bushing
The ready product has the plastic invoice and it is heated to temperature of 140-170 degrees on an exit from extruder in the form of granules of various size, the form and a thickness. For cooling of a product and preliminary drying it is moved on the inclined surface, having apertures for passage of air (or in a cooler drum-type), equipped with the fan.
After cooling the product is moved in the roll crusher for crushing to homogeneous fraction.
After that the ready product is moved in intermediate bunkers. The temperature of the cooled product shouldn't exceed temperature in an industrial premise more than on 6-8 degree.
From intermediate bunkers extruded components, premixes, water and others ingredients after weighing (dispensing) on scales arrive in the amalgamator.
After mixing the fodder mix moves in expander where is exposed to definitive thermo machining.

The form and the size of the get feed for dogs and cats depends on the form and the size of bushing, established on extruder

After automatic volume expansion control it is necessary to move the get fodder granules to a drying platform.  
The definitive complete set of delivery of a line depends on the list and characteristics of ingredients which is the customer plans to use for manufacture pet dog food, cat food, fish feed etc.
ModelDia. of screw (mm)Main power(KW)Pre-conditioner Power(KW)Feeder Power(KW)Cutting Power (KW)Capacity(T/H)